Hamsters war


Overview of Gameplay
The gameplay is consists of the following disciplines:
Battles, show what you are capable of - King of the Hill, One on one, Base defense, Equal battles.
Racing - take part in single or team races, hinder or destroy opponents on the track.
Dungeons - fight against strong opponent with different restrictions, but remember that only one will get a reward
Unique Dungeons - why should you strive to be the first? Only the strongest will be able to get to these places and fight with an unthinkable enemy, win unique loot and engrave their name in history.
Farming - on the way to the pedestal, a personal cozy corner will help you, build a farm, grow food, upgrade weapons, car and much more
Gameplay Cycle:
Players Cohorts:
Depending on the game tactics, we divide the following types of players:
Farmers - NFT suppliers to the market
Gladiators - those who are interested in top lists in battles and unique rewards
Bouncers - those who are interested in knocking out NFT from developers
Traders - those who are interested in the best deals
Extroverts - those who are interested in guilds and their gameplay