Hamsters war
Guild will allow players to form groups for larger rewards and challenging missions that require solidarity and tactics from them. By joining a clan, the player receives the following bonuses:
  • Bonuses in battles in the form of additional tokens
  • Bonuses in the speed of creation
  • Players will be able to accelerate objects to each other
  • Players will be able to exchange craft items, NFT and regular in-game currency
Additional content
Only in guilds the player will be able to participate in special dungeons for unique bosses and fight as part of a team of guilds against waves of opponents. Any player will be able to put their hamster on the mercenary market for a certain amount of tokens, and the head of the clan will decide whom to hire. But the average player will not be able to set a price for hiring more than a certain amount, so that the clan that hires them makes a profit, albeit a minimal one.
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