Hamsters war

Hamster classes

Each hamster will have a set of characteristics that will increase with increasing the level and will allow you to use the best clothes or weapons The game will have the following hamster classes:
  • Tanks - they have the highest HP, but do little damage. Equipped with heavy armor, they are always at the forefront of battle.
  • Snipers - long range fighters. They have the lowest HP, but they do the most damage. In addition to the low rate of fire, the weapon has a small magazine.
  • Healers - an important class in any battle. They can heal themselves and their allies.
  • Stormtroopers - they are balanced fighters and have average stats.
  • Heavy - they are living artillery. When shooting, they stand on 4 legs and cannot move, but they attack a large area. They have an average amount of HP, but deadly power.
Depending on the active hamster - they can give bonuses to the car in races. At the moment - hamsters will not be NFT, and will be sold for tokens.

Unique abilities

The next abilities could be upgraded for tokens making them stronger. Each of the hamsters will have their own type of power-ups:
  • Ult: Fire on yourself
  • Second wind (heals some HP after death)
  • Ult: Right in the Head (One Hit Kill)
  • Invisibility
  • Ult: heal in the area
  • Heal a follower
  • Ult: increased fire and reload speed in the area
  • Immunity for damage
  • Ult: shield in front of you
  • Detection of opponents on the mini-map
Cars will have some abilities too: Ulta: shield turns on for a certain time and gives invulnerability


There will be 2 types of hamsters in the game. Each species will have a passive skill.
When connected to game modes, the game itself will randomly distribute what species the player belongs to.
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