Hamsters war


When a player buys a Land, he will have access to additional content:
  • Workbench - allows you to improve or create weapons
  • Garage - allows you to store and improve the car
  • Cabinet - allows you to put on skins, create new clothes and improve them, upgrade the farm and character
  • Vegetable beds - allows you to cross and grow plants with bonuses
Beds - allow you to grow or cross different types of food, which give a bonus for one battle or race, requires the usual in-game currency and you can sell them on the market.
On the farm the player will also be able to upgrade:
  • Character abilities
  • Cars
  • Accessibility features such as reduced time to grow food and others
  • Level up the players hamsters / weapons / armor
In addition:
Lands are divided into two types - for clan and for player.
Land can be rented or sold.