Hamsters war
Main Gameplay
The gameplay itself consists of 5 main game modes
Battles / races - the player chooses one of the existing modes, waits for the connection of random players that match to his level, then he gets to the map, where the players compete with each other.
Dungeons - in a team or one player enters the arena with a monster, while dungeon restrictions are imposed on him, for example: a monster can only be attacked with a pistol, after a victory, a random player receives tokens.
Unique Dungeons - the principle of operation is the same as for dungeons, but unique dungeons are available only for a strong players and guilds. After a victory, players randomly receive a unique NFT and a certain amount of tokens, which are more than in ordinary dungeons. Unique dungeons open on the last three days of the game month. A unique NFT can be obtained only once, if a player fighting in a dungeon in a team has not received a unique NFT and then fighting a monster again he will no longer be able to knock out a unique NFT, but will receive other rewards.
Farming - will allow you to generate food for tokens, which can later be sold on the market or used by the player himself.
Some important facts:
During matchmaking - will be selected hamsters with approximately equal players power.
For each game mode the player receives tokens, game currency, and experience (which will allow upgrading items and the player's hamsters).
With each victory in any of the modes, the number of winning tokens decreases until it equals 0, the counter is updated the next day. When the tokens run out, the player will be able to knock out the game currency and positions in the rating.
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