Hamsters war
Open world
Once upon a time the world was inhabited by Titans, a majestic and mighty people, they erected huge buildings, discovered the unknown and learned long-lost knowledge. But then their greatness became their curse. The desire for the new gave a rise to something that must be hidden, in a matter of years the Titans were disappeared from the earth and a new era began, an era where the once tacit species received the ability to think and develop. Many years later the lurking evil was awakened and the practically strengthened world - split in two. Сan you eliminate the threat and return the old days?
You will plunge into a seamless post-apocalyptic world with its own secrets, fight against numerous monsters, collect many items that will help you in the future, meet new heroes, and possibly join the ranks of the walk of fame.
The game will feature several unique biomes with their own unique stories and characters.
Abandoned mine in the mountains, is it really empty?
A secret city hidden deep in the forest.
An independent industrial area famous for it death races and excellent alcohol.
We were inspired by the games Biomutant and Genshin impact.
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