Hamsters war



Do you like digging in the garden? Do you know the difference between a pumpkin and a butternut squash? Then this profession is for you. Food gathered from your garden will make any fighter stronger. It will be indispensable in long campaigns and protracted battles.

Car mechanic

You have always dreamed of riding over the horizon in a new Mustang that has become an extension of you because you have been working hard on every detail and checking every nut, then this is the profession for you. And as a bonus, attach all sorts of gadgets to your warhorse and you're already the king of the road and no one dares to cross your path.


The red stone of all professions, it is you who will go on a long journey to adventure and uncharted waters to gather rare resources that not everyone can reach, and then tell about your travels passionate listeners sitting around the fire in the village you stumbled upon by chance. You are that brave warrior who is not afraid of difficulties and overcomes them with ease. And of course, the thirst for adventure is always rewarded, because you are the main supplier of all the necessary components for any cause.


The sparks from under your hammer pour down like a river, the heat from the smelting furnace has hardened your character, you are focused and the flame reflecting from your eyes burns brighter and brighter as you create your masterpiece. You are an inventor, bring you a pile of junk and you create something incredible that every hamster on the continent wants to own. The armor you forge is impenetrable and the weapons you assemble from the tools at hand can easily compete with the inventions of the Giants. The demand for your trade grows every day, and the proceeds fill your pockets.
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