Hamsters war
Rewards overview
By winning, the player will be able to receive the following types of rewards that will help him to upgrade characters and get leading positions.
  • Tokens
  • NFT
  • Crafting items with which he can create unique NFT
Possible ways to obtain such rewards are:
  • Daily rewards
  • Trading Mini Game
  • Seasonal passes - for completing in-game tasks the player will receive extra NFTs and tokens
  • Lands - allows you to create unique NFTs for sale or use
  • Battles - the player will receive tokens for a victory, and in some cases, NFT
  • Unique rewards - top guilds and players will receive NFTs and additional tokens, and next month they will have access to it: Guilds - will receive a unique piece of land with their own unique parameters. The player - in addition to the unique land, he will receive a unique skin that he will own for the next month, but will not be able to sell it.
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